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December, 2020

NECI completes upgrades at Teeny Foods bakery production facility, reducing energy consumption by 23%, or 633,000 kWh/yr.

November, 2020

NECI completes upgrades at Freshly's Phoenix food production plant, reducing energy consumption by 23%, or 443,600 kWh/yr.

October, 2020

NECI completes refrigeration controls upgrades at Ruby Jewel's ice cream production plant, reducing energy use by 52%, or 126,300 kWh/yr.

December, 2015 to Present

NECI initiates nation-wide refrigeration controls upgrade program with Arctic Glacier, a leader in ice production and storage, reducing energy use by 28-43% per site.

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What's an Expert System, Anyway?

"Industrial processes, data networks, and many other systems change their state and even their structure over time. Real-time expert systems are designed to reason over time and change conclusions as the monitored system changes. Most of these systems must respond to constantly changing input data, arriving automatically from other systems such as process control systems or network management systems." Wikipedia

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Adaptive Refrigeration Control Solutions

National Energy Conservers provides commercial and industrial refrigeration users with industry-leading adaptive self-optimizing refrigeration controls, and energy management networks, that reduce energy consumption up to 45%, while insuring the integrity of refrigerated goods and reducing refrigeration systems operation and maintenance costs.

Our Cool Expert adaptive refrigeration controls are recognized, internationally, for incorporating the highest level of industrial automation into refrigeration control systems, utilizing novel real-time expert system software algorithms that adapt to changing conditions of the refrigeration system and guide all system components to operate most efficiently.

As a result, refrigeration components run less; with typical energy savings of 10% to 25% for condensing units, 40% to 60% for evaporator fans, and 65% to 95% for defrost systems, while achieving more stable temperature and humidity levels, which are critical to preserving refrigerated product quality.

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Typical Restaurant Energy Savings

Typical Energy Savings

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