MIC QKL e3 Adaptive Refrigeration Control          

The Cool Expert MIC QKL e3 is an adaptive self-optimizing refrigeration controller that utilizes novel real-time expert system software algorithms to manage the entire refrigeration process, including defrost detection, defrost heat management, evaporator fan management, condensing unit management, and fault management. What's more, the controller's adaptive fan management system incorporates patented "latent heat" control, which substantially reduces temperature variations within the refrigeration plant and increases relative air humidity by up to 10%, while minimizing compressor, fan and defrost run-time. As a result, users will realize:

  • Up to 45% reduction in refrigeration energy consumption

  • Up to 70% reduction in food spoilage through more precise temperature and humidity control

  • Up to 15% increase in refrigeration cooling capacity due to improved system efficiency

  • Extended operating life of all refrigeration system components

  • Reduced labor associated with maintaining optimum refrigeration operating conditions

We provide all of these benefits utilizing your existing refrigeration equipment: there's no need to install complicated and expensive expansion valves, variable speed evaporator fans or compressors!

The MIC QKL e3 is networkable, with our optional LonWorks network module, which allows users to manage refrigeration systems as a "zone", where controllers programmed to operate within the "zone" coordinate all refrigeration processes to insure the integrity of the refrigerated goods, while reducing energy consumption. The transceiver can also communicate with a wide variety of energy management systems, including our Cool Expert Energy Efficiency Control (EEC) network management system.