Shut Up ® Accessories                                               

Cool Expert's Shut Up® collapses when the evaporator fans are inactive, which provides an effective heat barrier during evaporator coil defrost to minimize fluctuations in room temperature while reducing substantially the duration of the defrost cycle. What's more, Shut Up® prevents water vapor from entering the refrigerator during defrost, which contributes further to stabilize both temperature and humidity. The SHUT UP®  textile sleeve is manufactured with high quality moisture-repellent, vapor-proof microfiber material to insure long and trouble-free operation. As a result, users will realize:

  • At least a 40% reduction in defrost cycle times, with corresponding energy savings
  • Reduced food spoilage due to more stable and uniform room temperature and humidity levels

  • Enhanced quality of refrigerated goods due to the elimination of frost and ice accumulation on the product

  • Improved safety resulting from the reduction in ice buildup on ceilings, walls and floors

Defrost Cycle Time Reduction