Our Distinguished European Partner                      

Founded in 1976 by Dr. Friedhelm Meyer, Cool Expert's mission has always been to extend the state-of-the-art of refrigeration controls technology, utilizing scientific research and product development, to insure the integrity of refrigerated goods through efficient management and control of the refrigeration process.

Recognizing that refrigeration control retrofits were costly to acquire, difficult to install, and largely ineffective,  Dr. Meyer developed the first in a series of groundbreaking adaptive refrigeration control systems that resulted in five international patents. Sales and distribution of the first adaptive controller, “KÜBATRON QKL 2”, also known as “IEM 50”, began in 1989.Early Cool Expert

Since then, Cool Expert has continued to perfect the controls technology by incorporating real-time expert systems software algorithms, which resulted in the introduction of the MIC QKL mini in 2001, MIC QKL mini 2 in 2004, and, most recently, the MIC QKL e3 in late 2010. During this time Cool Expert also created solutions complimentary to the MIC QKL e3, which spawned Shut Up®, DEFRO POWER PACK and MIC Energy Efficiency Control (EEC) system product offerings in 1997, 1999 and 2010, respectively.