MIC Energy Efficiency Control Network                 

Our companion MIC Energy Efficiency Control (EEC) network management system provides refrigeration systems data acquisition, performance monitoring and systems management for up to 64 MIC QKL e3 evaporator efficiency controllers, and a wide variety LonWorks-compatible temperature, humidity, pressure, fluid flow, and power sensors, via an integrated web-browser software application.  As a result, users can comply more effectively with refrigerated goods safety monitoring requirements (FDA & HACCP), manage refrigerator configurations and maintenance remotely, and receive email and/or SMS text message alerts of impending refrigeration component failures, and other performance anomalies. As a result, users can:

  • Effectively monitor and manage refrigeration systems-anytime, anywhere

  • Conveniently assess refrigeration systems efficiency and performance trends

  • Insure the integrity of refrigerated goods by responding immediately to refrigeration system performance issues

  • Reduce costs associated with collecting, tracking and maintaining refrigerated goods safety compliance records (FDA & HACCP)